Will You Be My Photographer?

It is an important question to ask as many wedding photographers in Dublin work under certain terms and conditions. Just because you are talking to someone do not assume that he will be there on your big day; this is not a bad thing though. However it is best if you go through the portfolio of the photographer who will be talking your shots. This way you will be able to choose the perfect candidate for your wedding photographer.

What is Included in The Package

There are many things to keep mind. Every photographer is different and each has different options in their package. Each package is suitable for different settings. Being smart is when you can keep a list of what is included in the packages so you know which package to choose from. One thing to remember is that not all packages are suitable for you. Just be sure that, no matter which package you choose from, it is best for you.

What is your style?

As we have stated before, everyone is created different. Each has been endowed with his own and unique tastes. Finding someone with the same taste as your own is a HUGE challenge. Not only will you have to look at their portfolio, but you will also have to compare the same type of photo, shot at different angles. I can honestly say not every photo of the same kind will be up for your taste; but if you do manage to find one that closely matches your taste, then it is your lucky day.

What will you bring on your wedding day?


You would want to know if your wedding photographer will be bringing some extra equipment or whether he will be coming with an assistant. To synchronize with the wedding you should also inquire your photographer about what will he be wearing

Last but not least

It is a good idea to meet up with a couple of good photographers to get the gist of what you want for your wedding. But remember this is your special day. You get to choose what to do how to decorate and who to select from wedding photographers Dublin. It is the day you will be tying your sole with your soul-mate; no matter what innovative decorations you decide to choose from or what exotic dress you decide to wear, a true and honest picture of you with your other half not only tells so many tales of the days past but also speaks of all the adventures for the days to come. That is what makes a wedding photo worthwhile; and that smile and happiness is a reward in itself for any wedding photographer Dublin. And I would only love to be that lucky wedding photographer Dublin to capture those beautiful moments and immortalize them in stone.

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