Professionalism of a Wedding Photographer

I have been blessed with the opportunity of meeting up with new people since the very first day I picked up the camera. Many on their first time under the camera often become stiff as a board. Dealing with large number of people and specially those who are put out by the camera require some level of expertise as well as social adeptness. In other words being able to manage this social portion without any stress and effortlessly. Fortunately one’s level of professionalism is determined by how one response to messages and replies, how the first meeting goes and all the other accompanying small details. And for better confirmation please, feel free to approach former clients for reviews on your wedding photographers work; and any of your doubts regarding the particular photographer will evaporate instantly. Their prized pieces of art speaks volume for themselves.

A personality that meshes with your very own

A personality that meshes with your very own

Often couples make a mistake of choosing who the right wedding photographer in the sense that both the couple’s and the wedding photographers personality and way of thinking are not on the same plane. This may often create issues and stumbling blocks for the perfect wedding photo. Even though this point is often neglected it is quite important. Your wedding photos are something you will cherish throughout out your life.

Therefore you must definitely have a heap of ideas and thoughts about your photos. So the photographer who would be capturing those moments should be on the same ground as you and should have a firm and clear grasp of what you want and how he would produce that art. The best way to realize this is to have a photographer who sees eye to eye with your visions and dreams and someone who you can freely share your ideas with, someone who works tirelessly to bring them to fruition.

Challenges as Photographer

Challenges as Photographer

Often photographers capture wonderful masterpieces, but just because there is a difference in taste between the couple and the photographer, the couple are often put out, they do not feel as if their expectations have been met. There are many factors and components that constitutes your taste, and that taste should meld with that of your photographer; from all the constituting elements it may be that you may wish to use a range of different style for your wedding day, and definitely more for your wedding photography.

Therefore it is of utmost importance to be able to effortlessly explain photo details. This enables to not only get a clear picture of what you want, but also allows you to clearly and also bridges the gap between you and your photographer; because let’s face it, no matter how similar you and your photographer are, there will always be slight differences in taste. Indeed there are many wedding photographers Dublin but finding the right one for you is a challenge for that can only be tacked by spending lengthy time interviewing your wedding photographer in depth. In this way you can easily blend your vivid designs and plans with your photographer innovative ideas designs and plans, to create the perfect piece of art that will shine for generations to come.

Emotional Day

Emotional Day

Wedding are in fact a roller-coaster of emotions; from the teary eyed family of the bride to the ever shining and dazzling smile gracing the grooms handsome face. Not all wedding photographers are blessed with the ability to capture these wild and natural emotions at their truest and purest. Some are not well adapted at capturing the sole essence of a person’s emotion, while others are just simply “noobs” at wedding photography. Capturing the essence of a person’s emotions is what makes the photo a masterpiece. It is the substantial prerequisite for an event of the emotional magnitude such as a wedding. Capturing this otherworldly beauty depends solely on a mix of the photographer’s natural talent combined with a mix of perfect timings and a small dusting of care as all the perfect opportunities present themselves to the audience.

Just imagine, the bride walking down the aisle looking radiant as the glorious sun in that beautiful dress of hers with a corsage, emphasizing that beautiful smile; and the groom, in his black suit looking as radiant as ever. That vibrant smile telling a million stories all at the same time. All these moments offer perfect opportunities for your photographer to capture those shining moments all while staying true to the original tune and air. And all this is realized by a photographer who has an innate flair of a touch for photography. Capturing these type of photography can’t be learned, and because the job is all about being able to take the love and hope of a happy couple of their wedding day and turn it to a piece of art.

Reliability On Photographer

Your potential photographer’s portfolio will give clear indications of his abilities. All you have to do is relax and put yourself in the portraits. You will don’t have to worry about anything else; just relax and imagine yourself in those photos. If you find the right fit just let your photographer know. The rest will follow through on its own. Pick his photos whose photos appeal to you the most in terms of genuine raw emotion as well as style.

It is of utmost importance that you let us know what you have in mind for your big day. Even the slightest changes of venue and lightings can take up a lot of planning if you want your photos to be perfect. No matter what the event is, may it be a special dance or a run outside, let us know. Sometimes we may need to change the light setup. All the hard work to capture your precious moments may go horrendously wrong if we are caught off-guard in any way.

Sometimes if not often the bride or the bridesmaid add their own taste to bring about a unique setting. If you wish to capture those ‘do it yourself’ moments please let us know. Those moments make for perfect wedding photographs and add a special hint of your own personal flavor and taste. And let’s face it; who would not like to have their photos taken while they enjoy creating their own masterpiece

Wedding photographer in dublin

Ultimate Guide To Choose A Wedding Photographer Dublin.

As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I can say with full confidence that finding the right photographer can make the difference between albums that you will cherish throughout your life and those albums which will be collecting dust in the dingy basement. Therefor finding the right photographer for you is a must if you wish to bring all your favorite moments to life. As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I can confidently say that I am the perfect choice for all and every couple out there. But that is not all. Your choice matters. There are many couples who are vibrant and full of life while they are in each other’s arms; but as soon as a camera is pointed at them they all of a sudden become plank, suddenly devoid of all life. Everyone is unique; everyone has his or her own style, their own definition of what is beautiful, what is pleasing to behold.

Therefor it of paramount that you find a wedding photographer Dublin who sees eye to eye with your taste and choice; who is not a “mere amateur with a camera” but master at blending in with the flow and creating a masterpiece which you will cherish throughout your marriage and pass them on to your future generations. Therefore it is paramount that you take your time while selecting a wedding Photographer in Dublin.

Considered Factor

Do interviews; interviewing other photographer reveals a lot about their taste and preferences; so you may know when to book a photographer-that is, book a photographer when you feel 100% confident that you and your photographer sees eye to eye with each other and are on the same page. As a wedding photographer I would only be happy to tell you I am the right fit for you ☻.

Group Photo

Your wedding day is the day when all your favorite people come together to celebrate your love for that special someone with whom you will be spending the rest of your life till the day you breath your last. It certainly a day you want to internalize. However your best day can easily become your worst day if you have a terrible noob as a photographer. Not everyone has the markings of great photographers; nor do all photographers share the natural talent of photography. This I have come to the conclusion the hard way. Many new photographers lack the skills and experience that is expected from a wedding photographer, while others still are not well adapted to weddings. For anyone to excel in any area whatsoever he has to have a firm grasping hold and compassion for that particular art. Hence to be a wedding photographer one needs certain understandings and bearings.

Prime Aspects

However for the perfect wedding photography the couple also needs a certain understanding and awareness specially while working with wedding photographers. One of the prime aspects of good wedding photography is to find a wedding photographer with a creative and imaginative sight, capable of stopping time and immortalizing that perfect moment. Most certainly in a wedding, there will many shines and sparkles; but a good wedding photographer is he who has the essence to snatch that flawless moment. And for that a good photographer must have an all-out understanding of all the pieces that aim to capture the perfect snap.

So he must have complete understanding of composition, lighting, subject position, external components, and all of the other technical factors that play a vital role in bringing a simple photo to life to last a lifetime. It is therefore vital that whoever you choose provided he is an expert will be easily have an eye for all that and much, much more. Proof? Just take a look at all the high quality photos that have been shot, not just sparkling with life, but as if time has stopped and you can immerse yourself in the photo and take a trip down the memory lane.

Good Wedding Photographer

Good Wedding Photographer

For any good wedding photographer the eye for perfect imagery should be a second nature. Any art requires creativity; and especially if that certain art is a wedding photography, then I would say hiring a wedding photographer without the creative eye is a sin (that is just my opinion though). And if you have any doubt about their creativity, then by all means just take a look at their portfolio; you will be amazed by what you see.

Both creativity and art should go hand in hand if a good photographer wants to create a masterpiece and bring it to life and their portfolio would be their sole witness. One can never be too careful while deciding on a wedding photographer and should do a thorough check of his or her portfolio for previous work. Their work speak volumes for themselves. What do you think, do any of the photos appeal to you? If so then congratulations you have found yourself your dream wedding photographer. ♥

Your Special Day

Wedding Photographer in Dublin

Your Special Day

Your wedding is your special day; the day which you may have possibly dreamy about since the first time you laid eyes on your special someone. From the broader atmosphere to the very tiniest details, it is all about creating a distinct and unique day to remember. And therefore it is imperative that you have your vision and taste reflect upon your photography. And that is where all the best wedding photographer Dublin comes in. They are not only able to immortalize those special moments in your taste, but also arebale to completely and fully transform a celebration of union to truly something to remember your special day. Therefore it is highly recommended and encouraged that you have a wedding photographer who will not only be able to capture the essence of your photo but will be able to commemorate and memorialize your precious moments, from all your desired prospective.

In your search for the perfect wedding photographer Dublin you will be delighted to know that there are many different wedding photographers Dublin, each with their own taste and style. It is of utmost importance that you find someone who agrees with your choice and taste if you really wish to capture that perfect moment for all perpetuity. You must also have a thorough understanding with your wedding photographer about your plan for the big day, each and every single details should be gone through thoroughly.

Wedding Atmosphere

Wedding Atmosphere

It is important to discuss all your wedding plans with your wedding photographer in a group discussion session for any new ideas, and when to capture the perfect moments. You must thoroughly discuss everything; from the general atmosphere to the tiniest bit of details to ensure the best outcome. You want a wedding photographer who would only be happy to listen to you about your vision for your wedding so as to capture the perfect moments. Naturally all wedding photographers have a knack for making you and your family look good on camera, however if you have a certain taste of ideas than you might need some slight adjustments for capturing those valuable instants.

Therefore you should go through all their previous work in details, such that you and your photographer may see eye to eye on what you want for your wedding photos. If you love their previous work, and have no specific visions then by all means, just let us know. We are more than happy to have some extra entitlement to creative liberty. And let’s face it, if you like surprise, than you would be getting a thrilling surprise for your wedding photos. But still a word for the wise: let us know how much freedom you are trusting us with.


Another important aspect while looking for wedding photographers is Experience and Skills on one hand and Talent on the other. Normally when choosing a wedding photographer most people opt to go for the one with the most experience, which is not at all surprising. The ease with which an experienced and skilled wedding photographer is able to snap your photos is second to none; however that does not mean that one’s natural talent for photography should be favored in the place of skills and experience. There are often cases when young prodigies are able to capture exquisite shots with just pure unadulterated talent alone. Sometimes just looking at their portfolios and listening to their ideas are more than enough to convince you that they may be perfect for the snap.

Wedding Photographer in Ireland

But regardless of what we may say, the main thing that is crucial to consider is which photographer suites your taste and are on the same floor as you with respect to your ideas. And if you can find a suitable photographer, you will be able to find the perfect medium. But still a word for the wise; it is best to not to choose someone who is just fresh in the business; whose portfolio is quite thin, rather you should take your time and choose someone who is experienced enough and has a flare for natural talent, specially for your wedding photos

Purest of Emotion

Purest of Emotion

While snapping your photos it is vital that there is enough light to bring the captured moment to life and also at the same time not light to avoid flare and blurs. A good wedding photographer would most certainly ask you about the quality of light used. So again we urge you to discuss with your photographer regarding the quality and type of light you will be using; because this light will not only illuminate you , but also your surroundings which will be the core of the photo to show it off for all those who may grace your home with their presence. Therefor it is wise to choose your location and take it up with your wedding photographer.

A good background can be the major difference between a wedding album that will be collecting dust in the attic or basement or a piece of your heart that will sit proudly by your bedside table. The best wedding photographer knows his environment like the palm of his hand. He or she knows where the prime wedding venues are located and he had a thorough understanding of the place for all the best shots.

In addition to that a wedding photographer Dublin will most certainly be put to ease if you are shooting for the wedding near and around the city. This not only lets the wedding photographer relax, but also is a saver when it comes to charges. Apart from charges, this also allows the wedding photographer to arrive early and survey the wedding venue for perfect shots, so during the wedding he will be relaxed and will be at ease; this results in a better quality of the photos snapped.

While all the experienced and skilled wedding photographers in Dublin are often top notched, many often lack professionalism and punctuality. Both punctuality and professionalism are an important outlook for any career, as it highlights someone’s personality and as a wedding photographer in Dublin

it is of prime importance. It is one of the essential qualities in a photographer as it requires a photographer to work in a social environment.


Perfect Wedding Photographer Dublin

Thinks to keep in mind

Now for a moment let us assume you have found a perfect wedding photographer Dublin, there are still many things left for you to solve. The best way to solve this is via planning; for a true stress free day it is all about planning everything out thoroughly and fully to your capabilities. You should keep the following things in mind especially if you wish to ensure the day goes smoothly:

You should ensure that both the venue and wedding photographer’s date are curved in stone.Wedding seasons are always wild here in Dublin and any last minute change can be disastrous. So you can most certainly not afford any last minute change.

Your photographer may have a lot of different packages. All the different packages vary in their cost and services. It is essential that you know all about your package details as well as the terms and conditions. You should choose the package that you feel is the best for you regarding both the service as well as the cost.

Decision Making

While deciding on a wedding photography package, it is of vital importance that you choose the package that covers all the photography requirements of the event. You really don’t want just the shots of the wedding itself being including, or only a few bridal shots and group photos of the groom with friends, especially when you are willing to pay for extensive coverage.


It is best to talk to your wedding photographer Dublin, regarding all the related details such as the number of hours included, coverage types, and the exact number of services as well as the details of the venue.

Wedding photographer dublin

The vital thing to remember is that you really do not want to go over the budget if you don’t want to. There are many wedding photographers in Dublin that brings you the best photos while staying true to phrase “break ones bank”. Take advantage of it and pick the best package according to your budget.


Photography Costing

Finally make sure to ask your photographer about any and all post-production cost, if any. Normally this is not the case as all the post production of the photos are included in the package. But then again, not everyone is same; best be safe than sorry.

So, this brings us to our principal point; are you ready? If so then go to your photographer and ask these questions:

I am confident that I will be perfect for your wedding photographer. If you wish to contact me, my details are given below. I know and am confident on how to take your favorite memories and turn them to piece of art.