Will You Be My Photographer?

It is an important question to ask as many wedding photographers in Dublin work under certain terms and conditions. Just because you are talking to someone do not assume that he will be there on your big day; this is not a bad thing though. However it is best if you go through the portfolio of the photographer who will be talking your shots. This way you will be able to choose the perfect candidate for your wedding photographer.

What is Included in The Package

There are many things to keep mind. Every photographer is different and each has different options in their package. Each package is suitable for different settings. Being smart is when you can keep a list of what is included in the packages so you know which package to choose from. One thing to remember is that not all packages are suitable for you. Just be sure that, no matter which package you choose from, it is best for you.

What is your style?

As we have stated before, everyone is created different. Each has been endowed with his own and unique tastes. Finding someone with the same taste as your own is a HUGE challenge. Not only will you have to look at their portfolio, but you will also have to compare the same type of photo, shot at different angles. I can honestly say not every photo of the same kind will be up for your taste; but if you do manage to find one that closely matches your taste, then it is your lucky day.

What will you bring on your wedding day?


You would want to know if your wedding photographer will be bringing some extra equipment or whether he will be coming with an assistant. To synchronize with the wedding you should also inquire your photographer about what will he be wearing

Last but not least

It is a good idea to meet up with a couple of good photographers to get the gist of what you want for your wedding. But remember this is your special day. You get to choose what to do how to decorate and who to select from wedding photographers Dublin. It is the day you will be tying your sole with your soul-mate; no matter what innovative decorations you decide to choose from or what exotic dress you decide to wear, a true and honest picture of you with your other half not only tells so many tales of the days past but also speaks of all the adventures for the days to come. That is what makes a wedding photo worthwhile; and that smile and happiness is a reward in itself for any wedding photographer Dublin. And I would only love to be that lucky wedding photographer Dublin to capture those beautiful moments and immortalize them in stone.

Dublin Photography

Essential Tips From a Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer Dublin, I have seen many trends come, make their impression and become obsolete and finally vanish in the annals of history. Along the way many of these trends have been a blessing to work with, while others have been a living nightmare to work with.

Greenery has been one of the coolest wedding trends of 2018. With shrubs and foliage to palm trees; greenery dominates the entire place. I personally am loving this. There are so many different ways to include and assimilate such vast greenery into your wedding photos as you walk down the lush green isle. And vibrant flowers in their natural environment adds a special touch of dazzling and spirited color in your photos. So much room for reactivity.

Trend Of The Year


Another favorite trend of 2018 is bold floral installation. Instead of having flower hearths arranged neatly everywhere, many couples are opting to have one single bold floral installation. This adds another sense of nature along with greenery.

For the past few years signage has been a major trend for marriage. Wooden signs and old fashion board are becoming a trendy way of greeting guests and visitors alike. This trend goes with almost any setting, whether it is in a city or a country.

Wedding Places

Perfect Place

Easily one of the most favorite trends for couples are unexpected wedding places. There are many unorthodox weddings where the marriage ceremony is held in old church ruins, castles, or hotels all over the historical city of Dublin. These beautiful and unorthodox wedding places add a special Old Irish feeling to modern day weddings. Be creative and make your special day spectacular.


Perfect Environment

If you are planning to get married on a sunny day, then you need ample preparations and knowledge about lights to ensure the sunlight does not ruin your photo shoot. If you take photos under full sun, you will have scrunched up look on your face and not to mention squinty eyes; now do you really want that? The best outcome will be when the sun is about to set and there is a faint sunlight to bath everything around you.

As far as life-style goes, geometric shapes have taken, a centerpiece in everyday life. So why not incorporate it into your wedding? In starting from 2018, many couples are seen with incorporating many different geometric shapes in to their traditional wedding places to give a “new timeless” feel.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial Lighting

Often the sun that shines through the clouds offer ample natural light for well enough photography outdoors; however indoors, it is a completely different story. Flooding natural light in the place of artificial lighting offers a great way to capture spectacular wedding photos. This gives a feeling of warm glow as well as creates a comfy and loving atmosphere.

The recent incorporation of vibrant and dramatic color pallet have added new dimensions to innovation. Vibrant colors pallets are another way you can add a touch of unexpected fresh look to your wedding photos all the while staying true to your color schemes.

Wedding Food

Food Photography

Wedding Food

Modern couples are always pushing the boundary to what we call innovation. This also includes to traditional food. While cake is always a good option, they are often incorporating new desert items such as soda bread pudding, Irish whiskey truffles, scones, Irish honeycomb, and other local delicacies. Even though the traditional food such as potatoes, meat and stew are all good and dandy, but when it comes to wedding they are a flat fallout. Many modern couples are adding Latin American and Asian tastes in

the food table to add a new vibrant of colors and radiant exotic smells to waft throughout the place. All the added color and world-wide cuisine adds even more color to your wedding photos, especially for innovative wedding photographers, namely me ☻.

Wedding Dress

Another way new couples are innovating their wedding is by black wedding accents. What better way to compliment your while dress than black dress shoes and black jewelries. This brings put major emphasis on the dress and is perfect for new wedding shots.

It is essential that you have ample room that reflects your personality and you as a couple. Once you have selected your dream wedding venue, be sure to create an atmosphere that is memorable and unique and most definitely reflects your inner self and personality.Here are some of the most important questions to ask before You Choose your Wedding Photographer